Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peru Itinerary

Follow along with the various cities here. :)
I thought I would offer a very general itinerary so that you are better able to "travel along" with me and Jana. More details to come after the trip. :)

Be writing again soon!  Off to the airport.

May 6: 12 hour flight from St. Louis to Lima (have to get up every 30min-60min to avoid getting blood clots)
May 7: Lima 
May 8: Lima
May 9: Fly to Cuzco (otherwise, it's a 22 hours bus ride)
May 10: Take train to Aguas Calientes (town right outside of Machu Picchu)
May 12: Back to Cuzco
May 13: Flight day = Cuzco-Lima-Trujillo
May 14-17: Trujillo 
May 18-20: Lima
May 21: Back to the USA.