Monday, May 13, 2013

Melodious Howling?

Written: 05-12-2013

So if you're not even slightly okay with noise, it isn't recommended that you live in a Latin American country. Perfect example is as follows.  Today is Mother's Day, and to welcome in the day, at 12:30am until 1:30am, there was a loud speaker set up two doors down, conducting the traditional serenade in honor of the special day. I cannot begin to express how painfully flat the daughter was in the midst of her musical dedication.  It progressed to the point where my physical cringing transformed into laughter.  It wasn't necessarily that I was laughing at her; it was more of a laughter of utter pity for the three block radius that had to endure such loud belting. I will not negate in the least that each word was sincere and heartfelt.  She, indeed, was expressing such immense appreciate and gratitude for all that her mother had done in her life.  However, can we not express this at a more conducive hour to my bedtime? Neither the pillow-over-my-head technique nor the two hard-core earplugs could deter those sound waves.

This morning, dead on my butt may I add, I was still giggling to myself about the Mother's Day insanity.  And then I was humbled all of a sudden, at the breakfast table nonetheless. In the Bible, it simply states to make a joyful noise unto the Lord (Psalm 98, 100). Nothing more, nothing less.  It doesn't declare being in tune and melodious (to the human ear); it declares sincere and pure intentions (for the Lord).  The Lord clearly spoke to my heart that we must develop a profound appreciation for His goodness, faithfulness, and provision --  that same gratitude unfolded in the daughter's song.  The same vulnerability and wild abandonment to sing of the Lord's works, no matter how it may sound to those around us.

So, instead of me laughing to no end about her horrendous vocal cords, I should instead take last night as a lesson to my life.  To end the morning's epiphany, it was if the Lord said, "Hey, Isabel, I hear your heart, and nothing more.  If I were to merely listen to the musicality of your song, how could I even begin to compare it to the choir of heavenly angels around me? Hmm?  I want your heart. I want you."

Thank you, horribly off-key woman, for the revelation.