Sunday, January 6, 2013

El beso de la mujer araña

The Kiss of the Spider Woman

Though she didn't like the Puig novel,
Maybe she will my poem.  The Amazon 
Does strange things to those who visit her
For any length of time. Holy patch! No pirate
Ever was so daring as the Amazon Queen from the Midwest, 
Queen Isa from the Illinois country,
By the vast Mississippi.  Her kiss will not kill you.
Believe me, 'twill heal you.  Hers is of honey, not poison.
The tarantula is real, as is the eye it conceals. 
Not to worry, grandma! She'll come home as she left.
I assure you. Right, Kathie?  A mother always knows.
As do I.

Written by my dear & divine professor from Evangel:
Eliezer Oyola