Sunday, November 25, 2012

May it be so. Selah.

Lately, I have been around people who have traveled all around the world: People that have been to AIDS communities in Africa, experienced indigenous gatherings in South America, helped in refugee camps in Asia, things that should leave a lasting imprint on a person’s outlook. I have further listened to their conversations, the nonverbal aspect, and how they approach life. To be perfectly honest
, sometimes it is those very people that make me feel frustrated. 

Everyone and their dog knows how much I love to travel… There is nothing like seeing more of God’s creative, majestic creation. There is still so much left for me to appreciate and discover!! However, my sincere hope is that the more I travel, the more I can understand and love on a broader range of people. Yes, I thrive on exploring new places and having new experiences -- but shouldn't the ultimate goal of international traveling be to grow as an individual as well as being able to better relate to those around you? Why should I turn such precious, unforgettable experiences merely into a platform of arrogance? Instead, I should use such life lessons to cultivate more compassion, patience and love, bringing people in closer not shutting them out. Some people become more inward the more they travel; my earnest goal is by understanding other cultural frameworks and living in the culture itself, I may slowly mature into a person who is wiser, more open and overall more approachable. 

I have been blessed with so many opportunities in my life. I want to be able to turn around and bless others in return. Always and forever, I desire with all my being to stay humble and grateful for the Source of all my blessings; I strive to have more compassion and love for those around me. Selah.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Student: "How do you say 'cuy' in English?"
Me: "Guinea pig."
Student: "My mom and I bought three guinea pigs."
Me: "Like as pets or for dinner this weekend?"
Student: "We still aren't sure."
Me: *trying not to lose control of my classroom as I laugh crazily*

Welcome to Ecuador :)

Oh yes, and speaking of taxi rides (because aren't we always?).......
Today, in ten minutes, the taxi driver had me analyze all the minute differences between dating a Latino and dating an American.  Needless to say, it was quite the conversation.