Sunday, November 29, 2009

My fire by night, My cloud by day

Whew, may I just say my life is never boring? No, honestly. I insist upon this declarative statement. This past Friday night I was at a friend's house preparing for an event we had coming up on Saturday. Well, as we were dropping off the people from our group, I knew by the first stop I couldn't go any further. There were storm clouds brewin' within. I have always had a sensitive stomach, but I can count on two hands how many times I have thrown up in my life. From 2am until 10 am, however, I was at my friend's house doing nothing than just that.

I won't get too graphic, but I was rushed to the emergency room to rehydrate my body, with an intravenous. Also, a shorter lady came into my hospital room with this honker of a needle and said, "I need to put this in your gluteus. Please turn around." I looked at Dove, my dear friend, and with an appalled look on my face, said, "Is she for real???" So, for the first time, my butt was attacked with a needle. Wowzers. We were in the hospital for about 6 hours, recuperating and waiting for results. At the end, they said I had an infectious bacteria -- meaning it could have been food poisoning or that I caught it from someone else.

Either way, I have been in my bed for the last 24 hours, just relaxing and sipping on my long-lost love, Yellow Gatorade. Yet, I would also like to reaffirm how God has been so faithful in it all. Even to the point of blood, bile, or whatnot, I know that He cares even about the small things in my life. That's what makes our Heavenly Father so different, so relational. The following song keeps coming to my head:

Luke Wood - A Picture of Your Love.
Your love is the rock that I cling to.
Your name is the tower that I run into.
Your strength is what lifts my head when it's bowed low.
Your song is the light that shines through my window.

And like the sun after all the rain is gone,
The morning without any cloud comes.
With a picture of your love.
And when I think of the stars so high over me,
The moon in the darkness lets everyone see
A picture of your love.

After the Rain has fallen.
...the sweetest name remains on my soul.
After the rain has fallen, after the clouds all role away,
...the sweetest name remains on my soul.

Cause you're faithful, you're always the same.
You're faithful, know you never change.
You're faithful, you're always good. Always good.

Though I walk through the valley of shadow of death,
I have no doubt, you have already gone ahead.
My fire by night, my cloud by day.
Though ten thousand fall to my right and my left,
under the shadow of the most high, I find rest.
My fire by night, my cloud by day.

I'm still lovin' life and taking everything one day at a time.
I cannot believe that in TWO weeks, I will be in PATAGONIA.
Let the good times roll.
Sending a hug from CHILE! :)

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