Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, hello there! So nice to see you again. You’re lookin’ mighty fine. :) This past week my classes all ended officially. Oh and guess what! I didn't flunk out of dance class. Whoot whoot (that's the celebratory noise). I actually passed with a solid "A." Secretly, just between you and me, I think she gave that to me because of my ridiculous enthusiasm for her class. The other grades are still shaping up, TBD.

I cannot believe this is my last month here in CHILE; almost 5 months have already passed. December 31st is approaching rapidly, and my sentiments are all in a swirl! AGRIDULCE is the word, meaning bittersweet. I am tickled to see family and friends again, and yet part of my heart will remain here in Chile, amongst such a beautiful culture and language. Agridulce.
Bueno, I'm off to go experiment with some lemons, vanilla, and brown sugar -- something along the lines of lemonade. I'm dreaming of a spicy hot Christmas here in Chile…

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