Sunday, June 13, 2010

EWK Semi-Ode

One may ask...
What is this EWK she speaks of?
Why should I invest into one?
You have every right to ask. And every right to be convinced.


Gurgle, sizzle, steam goes the EWK on the kitchen counter;
all the while the curious eyes watch as water boils in less than 3 minutes.
Oh, all the uses for dihydrogen monoxide during the frigid winter hours.
The stove top takes too long for boiling.
The microwave bubbles it all over, and double ouch while trying to take it out.
So whatever is left to do? Super EWK to the rescue, dear one.
When the luxury of central heating is not at a finger's touch,
you, my EWK, are ever-faithful, filling the water bags of millions.
Simply place it on the table during dinner and every member is catered to --
with the potential of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or other lovely creations.
You MUST refuse ice cube transformation, don't you know?
Please and thank you. I'll grab the blanket to accompany the luscious warmth.
Chile, Ireland, Scotland and other far-off lands have discovered this hidden jewel!
Yet how does such a silver, sassy EWK make winter survivable?
It just does. So give it a try. The EWK beckons you hither...

1 comment:

  1. Isabel where did you get this? I want to get Rachel and Seba one for Christmas if they haven't found one yet. I'll get one for myself if they do. I loved the one we used in Chile. Hey, I also loved reading your other blogs. I enjoy your passion. I hope it maintains its fervor and takes you on many fullfilling adventures. Our lives were made brighter by meeting you "happy girl in Illinoise" or Chile, or where ever else you may be!