Monday, September 7, 2009


arrastrar = to drag

At 5:20pm tonight, a friend and I went to the Valparaiso market close to the university to buy some avocados and tomatoes. Since the market is kinda open, I decided to go around the corner to the next street where less people are (still open but safer) after my purchase. I had set my backpack down to place the produce in my backpack, having a firm grip on my bag that whole time. My right hand was on the left shoulder strap. The next moment someone grabbed the other shoulder strap of my backpack really forcefully, but I had a strong hold onto it. It was just my natural instinct to not let go... he grabbed it so hard I was on the ground immediately, reminding me of my past volleyball dives. I was not so worried about the $30 I had with me, BUT I had important school papers with me. I know, I am a nerd.

Anyway, the robber dragged me across the market for about 10-15 seconds, my body twisting like a fish out of water all over the uneven ground (a funny/serious sight all at once I am sure). At last he shouted "¡ya suéltala mujer!" meaning, “woman, let go of it already!” (Later, I was giggling about this part – duh dude, if you have dragged me this far I ain’t givin’ in NOW!) When he finally stopped dragging me, I was about ready to kick him in the privates, but he ran away quickly before I had the opportunity. He was unsuccessful in robbing anything. However, he got my beautiful $14 white coat dirty, not to mention my fingers were bleeding a bit. And I have some stellar bruises on my knees. Nice battle wounds. After the attack, everything just felt like a blur. Then I had this intense aggressive rush, where I just wanted to sprint or have a boxing match; I guess that would be the post-traumatism...

Some people naturally freeze up when attacked.
Some people naturally just resist as long as they can.
Thanks to the Lord, I am fine.
Thanks to the Lord, nothing was robbed.
Never a dull moment.
For better or for worse.
Still cannot believe it happened.


  1. Me alegro que no te haya pasado nada, pero debió de haber sido un gran susto. Espero que Dios te de paz interior, porque aparte de las "heridas de guerra" quedan otros sentimientos al sentirnos atacados por alguien. Como recomendación te digo que es mejor no oponer resistencia ante un ladrón para que no pasen cosas graves.
    Qué Dios te bendiga y cuidate mucho amiga!

  2. I am still thanking the Lord you were not hurt seriously. Unbelievably, I laughed about your holding on tight, doing a volleyball dive, and being dragged down the block by this person who has no clue about the tenacity of the person he has just tangled with. I know you were being careful when this happened, and I know you will be even more watchful now.