Friday, May 21, 2010

End of Broken Dreams

What aspect of humanity grabs at your life?
Children? The elderly? The sick/disabled?
The mistreated/abused? The homeless/hungry?
If nothing does, you might want to check your pulse.
Well, here I am at 4:30am in the morning just as wide awake as possible. For some reason or another, this semester I've been suffering from migraines, probably at least two each month. Therefore to knock it out of the water, I take Excedrin, which is pumped to the last morsel with caffeine. --My thinking cap is attached the best during the nighttime hours or when my heart is almost leaping out of my chest from caffeine -- And as we have already established, it is presently the latter reason that deprives me of my sleep.
Yet, one theme keeps running through my head: "The Homeless." Whenever I was in Chile this past semester, I was exposed yet again to this aspect (my first encounter being in Mexico when I was eleven). My curiosity gets the best of me... Many days, I wanted to skip classes and "pull up a chair" with them, simply living life through their eyes. I'm sick of lollygagging and just passively glancing at such situations -- whether in Chile or in downtown St. Louis. I think to myself in these wee hours of the morn, "Should I sell my Chilean pictures in the form of a postcard to raise money? Should I take up knitting and make scarves, selling them or merely giving them away to a shelter?" Since I am home this summer, I would like to research this matter out a bit further (accompanied by prayer).

Let's be aware.
Let's be active.

Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God (Bob Pierce).

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