Sunday, May 2, 2010

Epigramas - TAKE 2

I love that the seagulls are so loud of a morning that I have to utilize earplugs.

You come diagonal towards me, and I damage you.

I love being medio flaite in my hip hop Billabong Aussie cap.

Beer nations usually produce more alcoholics than wine nations. Just a theory.

Turn off the boob tube and get your rear in gear. Nature.

From hippie to gangsta to sexy mama, Chile fosters such fashion in my life.

Had to look up “cabaña” on wordreference to know how to spell it in English. English is my first language…

I can see why mom had a crush on Elvis. Is it odd that a 21-year-old would make this statement in CHILE and about a DEAD man? Yes.

Can you be a vulture *jote* and not even know it?

Chihuahua, it is humanly possible to write a 6-page analysis on an 8 stanza poem by Gabriela Mistral.

Buttons should be awarded on top of La Campana.

Looking forward to petting & loving on animals without having to complete a thorough flea check and germ-x lather afterwards.

I had to shake three American’s hands today. No kissies?

I would pay a gamba to hear another random man recite Neruda on the micro.

And we complain about Christmas starting at the end of November… try October on for size.

Just spent 30 beautiful minutes of my day watching flamenco dancers, mouth wide open in awe TODO EL TIEMPO. Men Flamenco Dancers, may I just say... You rock my socks off.

Skirts stop traffic, open doors, and collect smiles in both Chile and America.

Hello, yes, I would like to order more men playing checkers in the plaza…

If I got a cheesy smile, blew up my face on a poster, and put my husband there with me, not to mention have 30 posters in a row lined up, I could run for President in Chile.

If Tata has to play cowboy on another non-handicapped accommodated curb, I might go yell at the first politician I behold.

As has been a tradition in my life for the past three years, I am listening to Michael Bublé to get me in the proper mood for any and all wedding ceremonies. :)

Pringles ain’t got nothing: “Donuts, once you pop you can’t stop”

Riding on the metro instead of the micro is like living in the USA: quite comfortable.

Notamos el jefe de Santa Isabel es medio mino. Lo atacamos. No tan santa. Ay, la mamá chilena.

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