Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jots of Randomness

It has been only two months since I have last blogged (an official word in our contemporary dictionaries, ahh, linguistics) ... and yet with all the ACTIVITY of life, it feels more like six. I have decided to merely give you the snapshot this time around, instead of the full-length video. Snapshots are like random revelations received while eating out and further writing such delights on napkins. Simple yet delightful napkins...

First week in APARTMENT: Oven thinks that 250 degrees means BROIL. Delicious chocolate chip cookies along with beautiful, new cookie sheet completely destroyed -- with a side of shattered nerves from both the canine and the tenant.

Second week in apartment: Got locked out of apartment at 7:30am while in pjs, glasses, moldy teeth and mind not fully engaged. 4 step creative process in getting back inside.

Tenth week in apartment: Smelled gas after furnace was lit for first time. Nobody believed me. Called gas company and girl was right. Landlord sends repairman to fix the issue. Ohhh, but gas leak the following day yet again. Tenant calls landlord not so happy. After three days of dealing with the lethal issue, canine and tenant are appreciating fresh oxygen like never before. Talk about some pooped guardian angels.

First week in GRAD SCHOOL: Found there is an immense difference between over-the-top intellects and outright nerds. I being the latter.

Second week in grad school: Amazed by all the preparation and reading involved. Over 500 pages were read in one week's time, more than was read in the entire summer of 2010.

Fourth week in grad school: BREAK DOWN week. It has to happen sooner or later.

Sixth week in grad school: Getting used to the 8am-11pm schedule. Getting used to absolutely no social life. Getting used to reading endless amount of droll theory. Never getting used to the intellects.

Napkin revelations next time will include...
FLAMENCO dancing classes starting October 9th.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.

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