Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Old Man

Today as I was driving home from my classes, I received a revelation of sorts -- an ingenious idea . My poor 11-year old dog has it hard on Tuesdays; I have about 7 hours worth of classes that particular day. Therefore, today being Wednesday, I thought I would compensate for my lack of attention yesterday with a rigorous bike ride... with him attached.

I prepared my bike and the excited puppy-at-heart, and zoom we were off down the unplowed street. Thankfully, hardly any cars pass down my street so we were able to go at full speed for a solid 7 blocks. After making a loop and arriving back at my apartment, his wagging tail told me he was ready for round two. Therefore, by the end of the adventure, he had run intensely for 12 blocks. Upon entering the apartment, I made my way to the couch, breathing heavily like Darth Vader the whole way. Still overflowing with adrenaline, the dog was running circles around me.

Was our exercising experiment really a success therefore? ...considering I am the one on the couch writing this blog, and the old man is happily roughhousing with a bone.


  1. Cute dog!

    What's his name???

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  2. His name is Shea. He is 12-years old, but he still exudes more energy than most puppies. Uy.