Monday, March 12, 2012

Cuy anyone?

Currently, I am laughing to myself. I am almost 24-years-old, and I still love following my mom to work. For one, they have amazingly gorgeous computers that make my laptop look like it's from the 70s. Have you seen those new computers where the speaker is attached underneath the main screen? It's manna from heaven. Also, it's just nice to grab a few minutes here and there with the 'rents, especially since my time has been limited with my studies.

Spring 2012. Yes, it's my last semester in graduate school. Nonetheless, I will be spending my summer in Blo-Normal, Illinois preparing for my exit exams in August, where we are required to write four major essays over about 100 poems/short stories/novels that span over about a 500-year time frame. Mission possible?? It's gonna have to be. I recently was discussing the exit exam requirements with my grandma, and with great shock she responded: "I just don't understand how they think it can be humanly possible to impose so much upon you, dear! It's just dreadful." Bless her heart. Yes, grandma, some days I honestly must concur.

The end is in sight, though, and in May I am bustin' out... That is to say, I am heading to Peru for two weeks with a dear friend. We will be exploring the cities of Trujillo, Lima, Cuzco & Machu Picchu (one of the seven wonders of the world -- see picture). I can finally reunite with my lovely llamas and majestic Andes Mountains! What a blessing indeed! After my hiking trip in the south of Chile (Patagonia), I decided it was high time I invested into a proper hiking backpack = Moss Green Kelty, 4,500 cubic inches of goodness. The last matter of concern has revolved around my camera (see previous blog for more information). In the depths of my soul, I secretly want to smuggle in my huge camera and have these high-quality prints for later. Then again, do I really want to run the risk of a theft/accident and furthermore have to lug around the weight? The pictures taken in Chile were with my point-and-shoot, and I feel it's wiser to bring that little guy with me instead. Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Okay, I have procrastinated enough with my research (60 pages must be written before I can go to Peru, ahhh!!!). Therefore, I leave you with the word "cuy." Research it, be disgusted, have opinions -- that's all fine and dandy. But it will be eaten when I arrive to Peru. :)

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