Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woe is me!

Progression of thinking in regards to 20 page papers..........
Level 1: "Oh my word, I don't want to do this. Why am I even in grad school? WHY?!"
Level 2: *cries because of only having five pages written*
Level 3: *pulls out hair because only half way through and already fed up with chosen topic*
Level 4: "Okay, woman, you just need to buck up and get this done!"
Level 5: "Hey this is finally coming around nicely and it’s kinda fun!"
Level 6: "Oh my word, I don't know if I can fit all my thoughts into 20 pages. Man."
Level 7: "Ehhh, why not shoot for 23 pages?"
Level 8: Finishes paper. Feels like the queen of the world for sixty seconds until….
Level 9: Recognizes that another 15 page paper still beckons.
Level 10: Start process over. Redirect to Level 1.

= This is my life currently. 
Two weeks left in graduate school.

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