Monday, July 20, 2009


Chile here I come... ready or not!

I am officially 95.31% packed. The seams of my red and purple suitcases are screaming. And yes, I feel like I packed the kitchen sink. Usually, packing is not such an adventure. However, this time I had to pack for 5 months and 3 seasons -- not to mention all my medicine that makes me look like a gringa druggie.

I was able to visit Cape Girardeau last week and tie up some loose ends. Moreover, I got to see some of my really close friends in the area. Whew, we had oodles of fun. I really do love that area -- the people, the scenery, the river, the food. I am still praying whether I should teach there for Block 4 in the spring semester. This summer finished my international studies minor; this fall finishes my Spanish major; and the spring will finish my education major. Graduate of 2010.

I have been taking Benadryll since Sunday to help clear up my nasal cavities (whew, that's a vivid sentence). It makes flying easier, and the anticipation leading up to the trip smoother (zzz). It still has not dawned on me that I leave in less than 35 hours! ... not that I'm counting.


  1. Beautiful picture of you Kerrie. I was hoping to get to see you before you left but if not I wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and I hope you have a great time. The anticipation of a close graduation must feel great.

    Love and prayers,

  2. Darling, thanks for the sweet goodbye. I love you and am excited for you and the many adventures you will have. Looking forward to following your blog and using SKYPE to see you from time to time.
    My love,