Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Chilean Family

Family Members:
Nancy - Housewife & my Chilean mom, 57
Emelina - Grandparent (F), 94
Humberto - Grandparent (M), 84
Felipe - Son & Civil Engineer Student, 23
María Jesús -Daughter, 9

Description of Home:
The apartment is located very close to downtown Viña del Mar. It's rather small, but very cozy and comfortable. The student's room (that's ME!) is also small but has a private bathroom. The house is very close to transportation. There is also Wireless internet in the house.

Description of Family:
They are a very communicative and loving family. They love to talk and meet as a family, especially for dinner and during the weekend when the eldest son, Sebastian, visits the family. They love to do family life, go to church on Sunday, take a walk to the beach or a park. The children are very communicative and welcoming as well. They have a good group of friends to which they can include the ISA student.

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I just thought, a really cute url or screen name for you would be kidatheart ! <3 Theresa