Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orientation Chaos

(Don't forget to check out my pictures on the right hand column: "Viva Chile")

This whole week has been rather chaotic with orientation at the university along with my program's additional tours throughout the cities. However, today we were finally able to sign up for classes. How this works: you sign up for as many classes as you want and explore all of them for about a month... then you decide. It's wonderfully flexible, but a little nutty for an indecisive girl who just loves to learn. So here are the following classes I will be exploring in the wilderness called PCUV:
With foreigners:
1. Advanced Grammar (delicious)
2. Advanced Writing
With Chileans:
3. Development of the Oral and Written Spanish (scrumptious)
4. General Literature
5. LatinAmerican History & Geography
6. Analysis of Poetry (yummy in the tummy)
7. Social Dancing (tasty) - tango, salsa, merengue, cumbia
Pretty much, my top four choices have adjectives describing their glory. :)

How else can I whet your taste buds to continue falling in love with Chile from a distance?
  • I have never drunk so many hot things in my life - hot water with cinnamon, hot water with lemon slice, fifteen thousand types of tea. I'm likin' it.
  • I am taking the micro buses (a form of public transportation here) by myself. Today was my first complete day flying solo. What an adventure! The agressive St. Louis side comes out when having to flag these suckers down.
  • I am sleeping with 1 sheet, 2 blankets, & 2 down covers... not to mention I wear two sweaters while sleeping. They call me "fríalenta" - meaning my ice cube transformation rapidly.
  • Visited Pablo Neruda's other house yesterday. I love literature and relating to the author in such ways. I finally was able to buy his "Odas Elementales" book. All I can say is that he loves his colored glass, his watermelon, and obviously his women.
  • So I saw a couple devouring each other in kissing yesterday. I shall never accustom myself to such frankness. This kid's mouth was open more than when I eat a monster Subway sandwich.
  • I am loving my Chilean family, especially the mother.

Gracias a Dios, I was given the opportunity to spend five months in a country and a continent I have always wanted to go to, speak a language I love, and spend time with a culture I adore. It is an honor to be here in Chile. Mucho gusto.

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  1. I really hope you are joking about Advanced Grammer...but I know you are serious.