Friday, August 7, 2009


Dear Lord,

Thank you for this outright honor of being in Chile. Right now I am seated upon the Pacific shores marvelling at how majestic You truly are. How did you know the sand and the hues of blue in the ocean would be almost more than the eye could behold? How did you know the exact sound to give the waves coming upon the shore to emit such tranquility? I am amazed at how you have prepared me for this exact place, especially in this last year. Oh my, yes! Your ways are indefinitely higher than anything I could imagine. Truthfully, Lord, I feel undeserving of the richness swirling around me. I pray that in the coming months my heart will stay tender, my eyes will remain open, my mouth will spew with Your joy, and my soul will rejoice knowing I am right where you intended.


1 comment:

  1. Overjoyed that you had such a wonderful day! Beautiful pics, Isa!! So sorry you can't pet the dogs. That would absolutely devastate me, too.