Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take Note

Take Note: No matter what level you are in a language, you will ALWAYS have cultural brain farts... especially if you are already prone to do that in your first language.

*Mamá chilena asked me in the kitchen tonight if I liked or knew how to cook. As I was multi-tasking (first mistake) and heating up my hot chocolate, I replied "Pues, no tanto pero a mí me encanta orinar." Which translates as, "Well, not a lot but I love to go pee." No more than a second later, I yelled, "NO! NO! HORNEAR mamá. HORNEAR." (No, no BAKE mamá, BAKE!)

But by that time, no dignity could be recuperated.
Roars of laughter.
True story.

P.S. Classes start tomorrow!


  1. Ahhh, chiquita. Of all mistakes to make! I must remember to differentiate these words as well.

  2. You know, even if you weren't my daughter, I would still think you are one of the most humorous people I know. I just love the way you view life!! You always say I am prejudiced, but I'm not. So there!

  3. kjsakjskjaskjsajsa
    that's really funny xD I love the way some people are able to laugh of themselves xD

    it was nice to meet you, and don't worry, you can read my notes, (if you can understand my writing xD)
    I'll see ya next wednesday :)
    oh,and I hope you don't mind if I write you in english, is just that I don't get the chance to practice it very often... but hey, you can practice your spanish with me, altought it is already very good ;)
    nighty night