Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kiwi Kisses & Cookie Crumbs

*Finished "The Ode to the Artichocke" by the one and only Pablo Neruda. Surprisingly enjoyable. What a warlike vegetable. (My goal is to finish his book of odes before December = 65 in all)
*Got kissed passionately on the cheek by a kiwi vendor. Gag.
*Giggled entirely too much on the micro buses this week. The Chilean man to my right was jammin' out to "Bad Boys" on the bus. What am I supposed to do with such a circumstance, be stoic? Yo creo que no.
*Start my dancing class this coming week. Yeah, we'll see about that. I went to a dancing place with a bunch of friends this past Wednesday to go Salsa dancing. It was a BLAST ...even though my hips don't function very well.
*Bought ingredients at JUMBO (like Wal-Mart except on steriods) yesterday to make chocolate chip cookies. Supposedly we're infamous for our cookies in the USA. I made about 60 this morning. Only 20-some remain presently. (I had like 8...gorda)
*Started the rainy season yesterday. Decided to go to a free concert last night in the midst of all the rain and cold. It was rockin'.
*Bought a beautiful off-white winter coat for $14. Oh happy day.
*Been fed well this week. See CHILE pictures for more of an idea.
*Required to read a 150-page book (of course in Spanish) for my poetry class by the end of this upcoming week. On that note, I must depart from thee... (AYYY!)

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