Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 4: Squash=Pasta?

I just realized that when I posted the blog about "Soups in the Summer" yesterday, it was officially the first day of summer (June 20).  Happy Summer! :) 

Say What?  Today is about moderation.  Because I eat healthier than most, people think that I avoid chocolate, potato chips or any other foods of the sort.  Well, that is false. I love almonds covered in dark chocolate, strawberry ice cream/frozen yogurt, and the ocassional salty treat (sugar is my personal weakness). However, the key is moderation.  My nutritionist suggested about an 80%-20% mentality, meaning that 80% of your week is filled with the nutrient-packed foods -- like veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts, eggs, organic dairy, pure meats -- and then the other 20% you can indulge.  Now, when I say "indulge", don't envision a food party like Fat Tuesday, where people eat anything and everything under the sun before the Lenten season.  ICKSNAY.  You still have to be smart.  Being healthy is a constant, daily decision. Have those potato chips, but what oils/additives are they using?  Have some ice cream, but check the ingredients!  Check the ingredients online of the restaurant's menu (avoid buffets since they have the most preservatives & additives). I personally found that eating out was cut out really fast in my schedule.  Yes, there are the healthier options of eating out, but YOU making the food and knowing what's in the food is truly the way to go.  Just invite people over & split the costs.  The saying is correct in more ways than one: "There's nothing like a home-cooked meal." 

For those of you who are trying to have a strenuous schedule AND try to do this purification, you can consult with Standard Process Company (Whey Pro Complete) or for those who need cheaper options for HEALTHY protein, here is a list of suggestions: ground turkey, eggs, almonds, Greek yogurt, wild fish, handful of almonds and organic peanut/almond/cashew butter (still check ingredients). Try to take it easy during these 8 days as much as possible.  Okay, this is my last day to offer the breakfast shake varieties (just mix up your favorite fruits or try some new ones -- and maybe with a handful of that spinach!).   


Have you tried the Kale Chips yet?  Man, I have had those every day so far.  Kale is VERY dense in nutrients, and if at possible, shoot for eating it on a weekly basis.  Another "power food", as I like to call it, is pomegranate.  Have you ever seen this sucker in its original form?  Better yet, have you ever "peeled" it?  Today, or at least before the program is over, buy a pomegranate in its original form.  Remember, not only is it totally okay to eat the seeds, but those that don't, forfeit some good oils, fiber and micronutrients. It's quite an adventure. (Hint: Do it with an apron and in the kitchen sink. It squirts AND stains.)

Another snack option might be some SALSA, to dip your veggies in:
Tomatoes, onions, fresh cilantro, minced garlic, freshly squeezed lime, hot chile peppers (optional) -- all finely chopped.

To be perfectly honest, I am just going to have a salad today. It's kinda a hot day, and there's nothing that sounds better.  I have some leftover guacamole, so a spoonful of that will be my "dressing" with just about 1TBSP of EVOO.  Maybe a beet on the side (shoot for one weekly)! Here are my ingredients for the salad itself: arugula, romaine lettuce, baby lettuce, green peppers, carrots, celery, red onions & cucumbers.  Add a little sea salt. Devour.

>Find one that is yellow.  Green shows immaturity.
>Cut in half (good luck -- it's slightly hard; I usually make weird noises) & place on a normal cooking sheet filled with about an inch of water.
>Cook at 375 for 30-40 minutes. It honestly depends on the size.

>In the meantime prepare the sauce for our "pasta."
>In a large sauce pan, first saute some chopped onions & garlic.  After about 5 minutes, add in the finely chopped tomatoes (quite a bit to get that saucy feel), zucchini, yellow squash & the FRESH basil (lots of it). (If you aren't on program, some grass-fed beef or ground turkey can be added in and then topped with some raw Mozarella cheese [again, check ingredients on cheeses]).

>Take the squash out of the oven and turn over one of the halves carefully.  Take a fork and swipe it through the "innards" to see if it is tender enough.  If it isn't, bake for another 5-10 minutes.
>Once it's ready, scoop out the "pasta" onto a plate and add the sauce on top. 

Is this your first time trying Spaghetti Squash?  Let me know!  
I had it for the first time last summer-- didn't even know it existed. 

I was reading this article today, and I thought I'd share. It offers some, how shall we say, "interesting" facts! Enjoy???  or how about this one

Post script:  If you are on the program with me (through Standard Process Company), it's very normal to experience tiredness and even slight mood swings. It's just your body trying to transition to the new adjustments.  I was telling someone that I got a migraine on Day 2!! Your body is trying to make some serious transitions. Be patient & keep up the good work!! It will be worth it. Promise.

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