Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 8: Can I Get A Witness?

It's the last day!  You can do a little victory dance.  Go ahead.  
No, really.  Bust out those groovy moves. :)

I know I said that I wouldn't dare utter another word of breakfast shakes, but I guess I lied.  This morning, I had a pretty stellar combo, if I do say so myself:  Mango, Peach, Kiwi, Strawberries, and just a spoonful of pomegranate. Besides the breakfast shakes and the constant H2O, I was craving some lemonade today.  Would you like some Strawberry Lemonade this afternoon?  That's what I thought.
(When it says lemon juice, you can just squeeze lemons and make it that way as well)

Hilarious moment today:  The kids that I am transporting this summer caught me eating my raw veggies, which is my normal snack between breakfast and lunch.  They asked me, "Are you always eating?"  I about keeled over with laughter.  Yep, that statement about sums up my life.   Therefore, just to give you an idea of everything I ate today, maybe to help you see that you aren't as insane as you originally thought, I would like to share what I ate throughout the day:  breakfast shake, 4 types of raw veggies, lentil soup, gigantic salad, kale chips, bowl of fruit, massive stir fry w/ brown rice.  And I'm still hungry. It's an even more overwhelming list when my options are more ample.  [I promise I don't have worms] 

Tonight's stir fry really hit the spot:
>asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, broccoli (saute harder, more cruciferous vegetables first)
>Add in brown rice (stir fry for another 3-4 min)
>Sprinkle lime on top.  Add in just 1 TBSP of Dijon mustard (check for pure ingredients).  Mix all together.  
That was it.  Honestly, about half of my dinners are stir fries.  It's a quick meal, and it helps me get in the dose of needed veggies every day. 

Say What?  For one of the last "Say What" sections, I would just like to say what eating healthy has done for me this past year.  I've learned it's hard to eat healthy, unless you have a specific reason why you are doing it, accompanied by great will power and determination.  As stated before, going into the program I was like, "What the heck? I guess I will go ahead and try this nutrition route since nothing else seems to be working." Kind of a last resort mentality.  However, since July 21, 2011 I have been migraine free (PTL).  Yes, I will still get headaches, even strong headaches, but it's NOTHING compared to my weekly migraines of yesteryear.  Also, I've noticed more mental clarity and higher energy levels.  Of course there are those days when I just want to pig out on chocolate and forget the world, but the funny thing is that after a while your body adjusts.  It feels nauseous after eating junk food (or too much sugar).  You end up craving vegetables and chucking the Doritos across the room.  I want to live a carpe-diem sort of lifestyle, no matter how many years God grants me on this earth, but in order to do so, I have to have a diet that backs me up.  Just like the maintenance on my car -- being in tune with its constant quirks and getting it checked up on a regular basis -- I want to take EVEN BETTER care of my body.  Exercise, water, healthy eating & moderation on everything else.  Can I get a witness?!?!

So what comes after purification?  Well, we slowly reintroduce foods. Mainly two reasons for that: (1) it helps you target how your body reacts to certain foods (e.g., I found out that although I am not allergic to gluten, it makes me EXTREMELY tired) & (2) it helps give your body more time to take advantage of healthy eating and developing taste buds for healthy eating (aka ongoing revamping).  Trust me.  I was amazed at how much I learned during the reintroduction phase last summer. Since I am already aware of how my body reacts to the various food groups, my process will be must faster than most.  Tomorrow (and for the next 4 days), chicken (free-range, hormone free, antibiotic free) & fish (wild, not farm-raised) will be added into our ingredients!  I am pretty pumped.  Both of these are GREAT sources of protein.  I won't be blogging nearly as extensively, but I will be sharing some recipes every once in a while.

Do you have high blood pressure?  Gluten issues? Migraines?  Extreme PMS issues?  Let me know, and I'll see what foods I can recommend that will naturally help you.  Ask away!!!

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  1. my daughter's boyfriend is trying not to eat grains. that cuts out a whole heck of a lot of food!