Friday, October 12, 2012

A Bad Party in my Tummy

For the past week, I have been feeling really crummy.  I thought my lack of energy, extreme dizziness and other symptoms were merely due to the extreme altitude change.  I mean, come on, I changed from 550 feet of elevation to about 8,000 feet.  Every time I climb the four flights of stairs at the CEDEI institute, I am panting like I had just finished a marathon. [Side note: I figure if I can get in shape at this elevation, then when I come back to sea level, I am going to be in FINE shape. Boo yah.]  Getting back to feeling crummy.... today I went to the doctor and found I have two parasites in my body.  I will be taking some strong medication for the next seven days to eradicate them.  It's actually more common than you think.  Until full recuperation,  it goes as follows: water, movies, water, reading, preparing lessons, water, and sleeping.

On a happier note, as I was walking down the street today to get some copies, every single radio and TV were turned on full blast. All to the same station. All to the same channel. Every one is gathered in the local stores and cafes to watch the soccer game between Chile and Ecuador.  Technically, I could just walk around town and hear the game progress as I stroll.  Needless to say, I had a big grin on my face as I peeked into the stores and cafes to see the extreme fans rooting and/or booing at the ref's calls.

Alright, need to go attempt to make some sort of dinner that the three of us (me + 2 parasites) will enjoy.  Talk to you soon!

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