Monday, October 8, 2012

Why learn English?

To start off my English 304 class today -- my more advanced group of students -- I thought I would make them give me all the details of their weekend activities, which always allows them an easy speaking activity. My 17-year old student started off our discussion by telling me he had a hangover on Saturday morning.  I responded with, "WOW, not my idea of a great weekend. Hey, wait....... what's the legal drinking age here in Ecuador?"  He mumbled underneath his breath, "Eighteen."  With enlarged eyes, I replied with, "WHAT THE HECK?  And how did you get into the club in the first place then? Didn't they card you?"

With a sly smile, he responded with, "I told them in English that I was an exchange student and really wanted to visit a club here in Ecuador."  

Good job practicing English outside of class.
But darling, in the future, let's use our language skills for legal activities...

1 comment:

  1. Funny, but so sad. Proves something: Deceit for underage drinking is universal. So, too, are fines, jail, probation, and rehab treatments. Better teach him the words, "guilty" and "please have mercy."
    *da judge sighs*